Bow Leg Correction Surgery Cost

Average bow leg correction surgery costs $10k, give or take $2k.

However, cost varies depending on type of surgery undertaken.

Note: You usually don’t need surgery. Bow legs are easily treated through exercises and massage therapy.

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But if you are still interested in knowing your surgery options and cost then hang on.

There are three types of surgery done depending upon the type of your bow leg.

They are:

  1. Guided Growth Surgery
  2. Osteomtomies and
  3. Knee Replacement Surgery

Guided Growth Surgery

Guided growth surgery is common amongst knock knee patients. However, it can also be recommended for patients with bow legs.

Note: Bow legs is a condition when knees are bent outwards while knock knees is the opposite.

Above video generalizes the guided growth surgery.

For bow leg you will have to go undergo Angular Guided Growth.

Guided Growth Procedure:

Our leg’s bone grow at a steady rate. Sometimes the bones do not grow evenly. Rarely, the outer bone grows slower compared to the inner bones.

This results in contraction and the shorter bone (outside bone) pulls the longer bone (inside bone).

Hence, the concave like shape of leg. The condition is commonly called Bow leg.

To address this issue a special plate is used. This plate is tightened onto your outer knee and leg bones.

The plate ensures your outer bones don’t grow while at the same time allowing room for your inner bones to grow.

When your inner bones grow, the concave structure disappears.

After legs are straightened another surgery is done to remove plates.

Guided Growth procedure can be performed on outpatients. Hospitalization is needed only for a couple of days.

Between and after surgery one can continue regular activity including sports.

However, heavy weight lifting is not advised.

Depending upon where you are, cost of Guided Growth Surgery can be anywhere from $5k to $10k.

Note About Guided Growth Surgery: Our bones stop growing after a certain age, usually around 18 years. Therefore, this procedure applies only for teenagers. Adults will have to opt either of the below two procedures.

Osteotomy Surgery

This surgery is done in extreme bowleg cases.

Below video describes the procedure in detail.

Osteotomy surgery is commonly recommended for bow legs patients.

In this surgery, the kneee or your leg, depending on your condition, is cut surgically.

It is then extended or shortened to straighten your leg.

Metal plate is inserted and screwed over your bones to keep your broken leg in place.

If there are gaps in the bone structure, artificial bone grafts are inserted.

Artificial bone grafts merge with your bones and become as one.

Note: Osteotomy is pre planned. Using radiography your doctor will determine entire surgical procedure.

Bed rest for several months is required. In most cases at least six months is necessary. It can take even a year.

The procedure can sometimes go wrong.

And since it requires cutting of your bones, it is possible for the procedure to go wrong drastically.

Chances of such mishaps can be reduced by opting for experienced surgeons.

Osteotomy costs range from anywhere between $8k to $12k.

Knee Replacement Surgery

Knee Replacement is usually recommended for knock knee patients. In some cases patients suffering from bow legs can benefit.

Below video sums up the entire process.

Note the above image.

Leg consist of upper bone called the femur and the lower bone called the Tibia.

They are both joined together by platella.

The joint makes your knee.

In knee replacement surgery both Femur and Tibia are seperated along with Platellea.

The bones are cut, grounded and adjusted so that the legs get straightened.

Note: As in osteotomy everything is pre planned using radiology.

Using metal componenets the Femur and Tibia and joined together along with the platella.

Usually metal components are used. There can be a combination of plastic as well.

Metal components are attached to the bones using cement or metal pins drilled into the bone.

This procedure can cost anywehre from $10 to $12k depending upon the severity of your condition and where you live.

Alternative to Surgery

If suffering from bow leg, surgery shouldn’t be your first option.

There are other alternatives. They are cheap, inexpensive and non invasive.

Try them first and if it doesn’t work then you can opt for surgery.

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How to Treat Bow Legs Permanently in 60 Days.